The woman of many Hats

It is my hope that you all have a friend that you admire. Someone that knows you and understands you better than you know yourself and takes, loves and conveniences you in times of need, a friend that makes which you better person just knowing them. Talking with them regardless Buy Oxycodone Online of the struggles either of you are experiencing in life brightens every day.

I need each of you to know what a fantastic woman my friend was, yet I struggle for the words with a lump in my tonsils and tears in my eyes searching for the word what to tell you.

I begin after our trip in May, 2009 this article which will be in draft form for many months as i attempt to convey what this beautiful individual has taken to my well being.

I was the first of many friends to journey to Pensacola, FLORIDA to stay with your dear friend following her stroke. I transported her to therapy, supported her on doctor appointments, baked a variety of foods trying to find something that did not taste metal and would not restrict the blood thinners, shopped for smaller clothing that she later would referred to Buy Oxycodone 80 Mg Online as “uniforms, inch ran tasks and kept others informed of her progress. After several weeks I needed to come back to North carolina as my very understanding husband was running my online business, working and caring for our dogs and house alone.

For starters, her home was always full of friends. She was most memorable when entertaining and having people around her. Her home was always comfortable and inviting due to her warmth and appreciation of life, friends and family. I have experience first hand being a part of her household on several occasions between downsizing homes and job exchanges and as a result feel the main family as many others would express as well.

“The Lady of many Hats” is a title she gave herself because over the years she redesigned several homes, landscaped metres, quilted, sewn, baked, adorned, organized vacations, family gatherings, open houses, golf tourneys, snowboarding vacations, raised her sons while her husband had a Navy career, and later wife to corporate manager. She traveled and choose to go on curtains cruise ships with friends from VETERANS ADMINISTRATION Beach from years past. She made my curtains and valances while visiting me in LOS ANGELES on my pitiful justification of curtains machine, supported me on an unpleasant trip back to LOS ANGELES on a legal matter, and always had a fresh vessel of homemade salsa upon her arrival to my home or an stitched golf or kitchen towel that she had just completed as a gift.

Her earliest son and my own became friends while attending Oakton High school in Virginia while playing on the lacrosse team there. Our very first meeting was packing the boys into her vehicle to go to lacrosse camp in Cathedral Mountain on a hot Saturday afternoon. It was my job to bring them home the following Friday. I truly do not recall how our friendship developed from there, but my Mother and her parents met many years later when the boys graduated high school and she invited people for lunch. Her son went on college visits with us and chose the college he would attend and graduate from on one of those trips.

When i used in LOS ANGELES I met her, a relative and parents at Yosemite for a few days. Neither of her parents where in good health by this time and a couple years later they passed on within a week of one another which always made me glad we had the time together and the memory of the lovely park.

In May, 2009, my hubby, one remaining corgi and I had to Pensacola together after i met his aircraft from what has been his permanent job location in Fortification Greely, Alaska since September 2007. We knew heat of the Florida summer would be difficult for him to endure, however; I desired to visit and see my friend for what I felt maybe the last time. The week prior to our visit her earliest son, wife and 2 year old son stayed overnight on their way to visit her and there had been a comfortable stream to visitors since early summer.

We found her in good state of mind and making a umbrella for her most youthful son’s high school friends new baby, typing on the recipke books for her boys and working on their photo pictures.

My hubby took golf lessons, we went to dinner and a live show on the beach and a community theater production of High school Musical to celebrate both her husband and my birthday that she had planned. My spouce and i attended the Blue Angels practice while she kept her doctor visits and therapy schedule.

She had decided on a new program of Vitamin C INTRAVENOUS three times a week in conjunction with her “last chemo in the pipeline” that she had started a few weeks earlier. We found her tiredness was coming from the chemo after missing a amount one night and seeing the old personality and wit show through the following day without having it in her system.

After she went to bed on the first evening after our arrival her husband asked that we help him encourage her that she would be unable to make a planned trip to Alaska on September sixth. Her husband was very concerned about being able to care for her should she require a medical facility. It was my job to point out the lack of health care bills in your neighborhood that my hubby had experienced and my husband’s job to tell her the temperature when he left was 36 degrees. She was freezing at 93 degrees and it did not take much to make her realize that it was not a good idea to attempt such a trip at this time.

A month following our visit when i mention with her the breathing was very labored, the chemo has been stopped and she’s just completed a week of antibiotic for what they thought at the time was an infection. In a another so often it was now too painful for her to talk on the phone and her son tells me that their web cam showed her laboring with her breathing as well.

In April I learned from her earliest son that they had given her 11 weeks. Both sons are spending the weekend with their Mother and father, just the four of them as a family.

She continued throughout this entire ordeal to be more concerned with others than herself. It was the registered nurse in her that cared for others yet knew the score about her own condition before being told. A friend express that she felt that reason she’s been left with us these past two years, “like an angel to be an example for the rest of us” and my hubby states he thinks, “she sure set the bar high for average folks. inch

She called on Friday evening while awaiting the son’s flight, threading the adornments machine and working on the most youthful son’s Christmas umbrella. She says she’s been typing the recipes and the program images nine copies instead of three i really enjoy seeing. She tells of the Vitamin C INTRAVENOUS being increased from three to five days a week and that from “here on out it will be just family” and that the boys and their own families are coming for an early Thanksgiving to help put up the Christmas tree. She reminds me to add orange to my water as she knows I often neglect drinking as much as I will.

I ask questions about the day to day appointments and found it difficult not to break down when she mentions from “here on it will probably try to be family. inch We no longer bring our planned “Thelma and Louise” trip in her convertible in the united states or upcoming visits. I stay strong while on the phone and fall apart after hanging up knowing that at any time that phone call could come, the one I have dreaded for pretty much two years.

Feeling dependent I send edible fruit every week thinking it will be used in combination with the steady stream of family members visiting. “Fruit, inch I say to myself, “fruit, I send fruit! inch

I think back to the week before the earliest son’s wedding being snowed in at the mountain house for a week outside of DC, going to lacrosse games with her wearing her safari hat, all the little side trips to fabric, furniture, antique and craft shops, the comfort of knowing she was always there when i needed her…. and I send fruit! There needs to be something more I can do, but what? See’s Candy? Flowers?

Whatever can i do without her there? She is my best ally and often nearer than family. We have known each other for over 19 years now.

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